Welcome to The Render Network Wizard (Cinema4D)

Ensure seamless rendering experiences with our Python-based plugin designed exclusively for Cinema4D users. The Render Network Wizard streamlines your workflow by effortlessly checking project files before submission to the Render Network for distributed online rendering.

Key features

  • Pre-Check Functionalities: Create backups, pack scenes into .zip files, and ignore warnings with ease.

  • Scene Checking: Verify render settings, file paths, OCIO configurations, and more for a flawless rendering process.

  • General Settings: Customize default folders, project names, and .zip file destinations for optimal efficiency.

User-Friendly Interface

Dockable design

Progress indicators

Intuitive buttons

Breeze navigation

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Enhance your rendering workflow today with The Render Network® Wizard. Download now for Windows and MacOS.

By downloading this plugin, you agree to the EULA located at renderfoundation.com/c4d-eula.

Installation Instructions

1. After downloading The Render Network® Wizard, unzip the folder to access its contents.

2. Navigate to your Cinema 4D plugin folder. This folder is typically located in the installation directory of Cinema 4D. If you can not find any folder called 'plugins', just create one yourself.

3. Copy the contents of The Render Network® Wizard folder into the 'plugins' folder. Ensure that all files and folders are placed directly within the 'plugins' folder.

4. Launch Cinema 4D on your computer.

5. Once Cinema 4D is open, navigate to the "Extensions" menu and start the Wizard by clicking on "The Render Network". on "The Render Network" to launch the plugin.


The Render Network® Wizard is compatible with all versions of Cinema 4D from 2022 onwards.

Supported operating systems: Windows and MacOS.

Key features

1. Pre-Check Functionalities

1. Pre-Check Functionalities

1. Pre-Check Functionalities

  • Create Backup before Running: Safeguard your project files by triggering a "Save Project With Assets" command, which backs up and collects the entire project into a predefined folder.

  • Pack Scene into .zip for the Render Network: Automate the packing process by generating a .zip file containing your scene, ready for submission to the Render Network.

  • Open Folder after Export: Conveniently access the folder where the .zip file is saved with a single click.

  • Ignore Warnings: Toggle this feature to bypass warnings during the check process and automatically pack the scene into a .zip file.

  • Open Artist Portal in Browser: Seamlessly navigate to the "Scenes" page on the Artist Portal WebApp using your default browser.

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2. Scene Checking Functionalities

  • Render Settings Check: Ensure compatibility by displaying selected Render Engine, verifying resolution, FPS, frame range, and highlighting the active take and camera name.

  • File Path Validation in PAI: Identify absolute file paths in the Project Asset Inspector, with options to open the inspector and fix paths automatically.

  • OCIO Configurations Check: Detect custom OCIO configurations in Octane and Redshift Render Settings, providing warnings if found.

  • Text Objects Handling: Identify text objects, check for animation, and offer actions such as conversion to editable objects or alembic animations.

  • Missing Assets Check in PAI: Warn about missing assets in the Project Asset Inspector, with the option to open the inspector for further action.

  • Unsupported Objects Identification: Detect unsupported objects like Xrefs, Thinking Particles, Python Tags, and more, providing advice on resolution.

  • Uncached Dynamics Detection: Identify un-cached dynamics and offer options to select and cache dynamic tags or simulation objects.

  • Unsupported Plugins Check in Render Settings: Warn about unsupported plugins in Render Settings, ensuring seamless rendering experiences.

  • Maxon One Exclusive Content Check: Detect Maxon One exclusive content and capsules, providing alerts if found.

  • Octane Mix Materials Handling: Detect Octane Mix Materials and offer guidance on optimization and conversion.

3. General Settings Functionalities

  • Default Folder for Backups: Choose to use the default folder setting provided by the tool or specify a custom folder for backups.

  • Default Project Name when Backing Up: Opt to use the default naming provided by the tool or set a custom name, with options to use Cinema4D’s own tokens.

  • Default Folder for .zip Files: Select the default folder setting provided by the tool or specify a custom folder for saving .zip files.



- Added splash screen

- Minor fixes


- Initial release

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