The mission of the Foundation is to support the development, growth and stability of the Render Network. Unfortunately we are seeing a rise of scams in the industry, so please be very careful and verify everything.

Below you will find some FAQ's and our official support email if those don't solve your problems. We are happy to help with everything from becoming a Compute Client to the RNDR to RENDER upgrade tool.

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Render Foundation Support

Upgrade Tool

The official Upgrade Tool can be found at

The FAQ for the upgrade tool can be found at The Render Network Upgrade Portal FAQ.

For support related with you are required to file a ticket with them first. We will not be able to help with your problem unless you have a ticket number, and response, from the support.

Email and Ticketing

NOTE: the ETH tx must be a valid Transfer to Wormhole: Portal Token Bridge. here is an example tx. if you send an Approve tx we won't respond

Resources on Recent Releases Incentives

We do not directly determine who receives incentive rewards for This information is owned, tracked and the calculation is made by At the end of each epoch, provides a list of SOL keys and device-ids with amounts to send and we simply distribute these amounts. If after you contact support, it is confirmed you were supposed to get a reward but you didn't, then you can file a ticket here by providing your SOL key and device-ids. If you fail to provide those, your ticket will be automatically closed.

Official Contract Addresses

RENDER (SOL) SPL Contract Address:


RNDR (ETH) ERC-20 Contract Address:


BME Emissions, Compute Client & Burn Address

These are the only Render Network addresses where Node Operators will receive RENDER SPL emissions or rewards

BME Node Emissions and Compute Client Address:


Multi-Sig ATA for Node Emissions and Compute Client Rewards:


Each epoch, an amount of RENDER is burned based on the amount of work rendered as part of the functioning of the BME — from this address:

RENDER Burn Address:


Multi-Sig ATA for Burn:


We would love to hear your ideas on grants and projects. Please fill out the following quick pitch form that will connect you with our team and allow us to invite you to the longer application if it aligns with our community goals.