Learning new technology is hard but our community has been hard at work making tutorials to get you using Render.

If you are just starting out here is the best guide for you.

If you are a Node Operator here is your guide.

How to export scene file from C4D to ORBX, onto the Network, Render and download.

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Knowledge Base

The Render Knowledge Base is the best place for almost all of your questions on how to get going.

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Examples of videos rendered with RNDR

These videos were rendered on our Tier 3 for the Roddenberry Archive.

A 3D Logo in 15 Minutes

We loved seeing this video on how to make a logo.

Export Scene from C4D to ORBX, Upload, Execute Download Jobs - RNDR

A walk-through of using the Render Network artist interface.

Render Network User Manual: know.rendertoken.com/getting-started/how-to-get-started